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Tiny Eggs (Alternate days!)

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I have 4 healthy happy hybrids around 9 months old, regularly laying beautiful eggs. During winter they are getting some extra protein daily however recently some one chicken is laying a tiny egg (birds egg size)then a normal size egg the next. I’m sure this is just a change in daylight hours/energy levels but wanted to double check with some more experienced members that this isn’t anything more sinister? Thanks J 

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Sounds as though you are describing a 'wind' egg, as they are called. If you break one open is there a yolk or some tiny piece of something in the centre? Caused by a piece of material (seen tiny black spots) being dropped into the oviduct instead of a full sized yolk. We've had plenty of these at the end of a laying season, but often that hen has never laid proper eggs again. We have two hens here that stopped laying two years ago after laying half a dozen wind eggs. They are both perfectly healthy otherwise.

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