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Padovana Lying Under Coop

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Hi guys,

I have 6 chickens in total (2 x Devon Blue, 2 x Marans and 2 x Padovana) in an Eglu Cube with a ladder. They arrived last Friday (5th March). The Devon Blues and the Marans quickly learnt how to use the ladder and take themselves to bed each night. 1 of the Padovana’s was a bit slower but now takes herself to bed every night using the ladder. The other Padovana just lies under the coop and does not take herself to bed. She comes down the ladder fine in the day and I even saw her this afternoon climb up to the top of the ladder but then come back down. However, again tonight I found her just in a ball under the coop. I have tried walking her up the ladder each night so far and if I put her on the second or third step she makes her way up by herself. However, she just will not take herself up when it gets night. 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much 

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She might be bottom hen in the pecking order and maybe not "allowed" in by the others? It will sometimes take some time to sort itself out. How old are they? Are they laying yet
Sometimes if you add a perch of stump next to the ladder it will give them something to hop on, before going into the coop.

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The group are 12-16 weeks pullets. They are not laying yet, no. Yes I think I will try add something at the bottom of the ladder. Tonight I put her on the ground by the ladder and she then made her way up so she doesent seem so struggle climbing it, it’s just the actual taking herself to bed she doesent do. 


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