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My chicks (2) are 4-5 weeks old - in the house in a cage which they are getting a bit big for now. I've started using the bigger crate during the day and only putting them back in their cage at night and when I'm out. 

Thing is...I've turned the heat off through the day (as my heatings on) but what about night?

Currently I have the lamp on each night. 

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They will tell you if they are cold at that age as they will huddle together. If they are fine as they are just leave them, but at night it's important they have heat as they are kind of asleep and won't realise they are freezing. So what is the temperature at night?

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As Beantree says it is dependent on the ambient temperature of the room they’re in. At 5 weeks though I’d have taken the heat away altogether because I’d have them moved out at 6 weeks providing they’re well feathered.

Ive never had them this early though - mine have tended to be this stage in mid summer. I certainly wouldn’t move them outside permanently with the sub zero nights forecast in the coming days.

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