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Clare did you get your cooker fixed!

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I cant find where we were talking about it. Did the fix it man fix it for you Clare :?:


My grill has decided to pack up tonight :? Not impressed at all. Dishwasher and cooker in the same month :x


The element is not heating up. It did do this last week and I gave it a waggle and it worked again, but now it seems to have died completely.


I'm sat up waiting for Paul. He's just landed at Heathrow after being in Turkey for a few days. I'll have the screww drivers at the ready for him :shock:


I've got everyone coming to me Christmas and Boxing day. Just what I don't need.

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Good luck with the grill Clare* and hope you get the cooker fixed Clare T.


We had a power cut last night just as I was about to cook dinner, Jeff had to get a take-away what a shame....... :lol: Just hope the power is OK for christmas dinner not sure I have a pan big enough to poach a 14 pound turkey in........ :lol:

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Yup, chappy came on Thursday lunchtime and fixed it after a lot of hassle trying ot get access to the actual part :roll: So I'm a happy bunny and the cooker is fine - managed to cook big C'mas lunch today so that's good.


Thanks for all your commiserations and wishes


Clare*, I hope that the lad managed to fix your grill, sounds a tad like a loose connection. Let me know if you need the number of a good sparkie.


What was Paul doing in Turkey? Seasonal though :D

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