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Is my hen missing her companion?

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Our two remaining buff Plymouth-rock bantam hens did everything together. They only paid only a little attention to the rowdy pullets who share their Eglu. The eldest, Blue Hen, died a few days ago (she was very old.) Now I am seeing Daisy standing by herself, sometimes hunched; obviously mourning for her little friend. She has struck up some kind of a friendship with one of the other members in her Eglu, but the young hens have just got to the laying stage and are being very loud. Daisy doesn't altogether appreciate their noise.

In their coop at night, Daisy sits slightly apart from the pullets. I am not so worried about that in the summertime, but come winter she will have no one to snuggle up to. I am not sure how lonely Daisy actually is, but I worry for her now that she has lost her life-long companion. It is obvious that she is partly excluded from the others.

I don't particularly want to rehome her, as she has come up against a lot of bullying before.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Are you sure she is well and not coming down with something? Do you know what your other hen died off?

Otherwise I would give it time. Winter is many months away luckily, so she will have time enough to start socialising with your pullets. They will settle down once they start laying.

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