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Chickens not laying

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Hi there, 

We have had two hybrid chickens for four years now however it has been weeks since we’ve had any eggs from either chicken. Both seem healthy but just not producing. Occasionally we get a scrambled mess in the nesting box where they’ve tried to lay but no shell, but honestly it’s been about 2-3 months without an egg.

We give them porridge, scrambled egg, berries and sone greens and I’ve even been adding Calcium supplement into their water which is supposed to help.

Do you have any ideas or can advise on anything we can do as we are currently feeding and getting no return so unsure what to do.

Thank you

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Chickens have a limited supply of eggs. If they have been laying regularly over the past 4 years, they might as well be at the end of their egg production. 
Once they get older, they will slow down in laying and take regular breaks. I wouldn’t worry too much. As long as they are happy, eating and healthy, they are perfectly fine.

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