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Question about new hens

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we brought 3 hens today, a light sussex, a bovan nero and a bluebell. When we went to get them i noticed 2 cockerals in with the hens.

The hens are supposed to be at POL.

My question is: As they were in with cockerals does that mean their eggs will be fertile? If so is it just one egg that will be fertile ? A weeks worth? More???

Also how long should i keep them in their coop and run for before i let them free range around the garden?

Also does anyone know of anyone that breeds or wants to get rid of some orpingtons around orpington?

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Evening Nightnicon!


Firstly, Welcome to the forum! :D


Now, the eggs maybe fertile but unless the hen sits on them for 21 days, nothing will happen. Most supermarket eggs (not battery) and from hens that free range with cockerals as the boys sort out any pecking within the flocks.


Try emailing Barbara@omlet.co.uk to get a list of breeders in your area. I really would love some Orpingtons too, but OH says NO at the moment.


Omlet recommend leaving the hens in teh run for the first 5 days, but i let them out on day 2, about an hour before it started to get dark. They didn't wander far. Its get to get them used to 'home'. If your garden is secure, then try after a couple of days.


All the best.

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We bought ours home on the first day about an hour before it started to get dark and shut them straight in the house. We let them out in the garden (supervised) the next afternoon after they spent the morning in the run. They were fine. It was as if they'd always lived here. They even took themselves off to bed when the time came.

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