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Further to my last post, we are looking into the possibility of purchasing a 2x2x2 metre Omlet WIR (we don't currently have room for a larger run although this may change in the future) for our newly acquired 3 hybrid girls. 

They are currently in a Go with 2 metre run when on their own for short periods of time (which they appear quite content in) and then a much larger, not fox-proof, area the majority of the time when I am home (please see previous post if interested). Although they have lots of space, they are compromising the fencing and their safety for the desire for grass!

So, here we are. Husband favouring the WIR for many reasons. I want to make sure the girls will be happy in it. Although it is a smaller space for them, it would be secure and I would allow fenced off free-ranging on a large scale when I am able. 

The chap from Omlet says the three will have sufficient space in this run and the Go (minus the 2m run) attached. Does anyone have any experience restricting hens from a bigger/free-range lifestyle to a small size enclosure, even if for just parts of the day? Would they get stressed and not settle? Would they adjust? Any experiences, + or -, would be great as we have not had hens before. 

Also, does anyone have any pictures of a 2x2x2 in use by their hens please? 

Many thanks, 


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Most will adjust, with the odd exception. My hens used to be allowed to free range the garden all day. But I kept fencing of plants to give them a chance. In the end I decided it was easier to restrict the hens in stead of all my plants. 
I know some will disagree, but a 2x2 will be fine for 3 hens, although I wouldn’t get any more in that space.

There are always hens that won’t cope, in any area. I had to rehome a hen in the past. She wasn’t suited for run living.

Just to give you more to consider: a friend of mine has used sheep fencing for the chickens free range area. It’s cheap and will keep your grass safe.

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