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I’m a total newbie so be gentle, I’m thinking about purchasing an Eglu Cube with a 4 metre run, wheels and heavy duty shades.

My question is, we have a motorhome and go away for the odd weekend and a few weeks a year. Should I just knock the idea on the head and not bother or is it doable with motorised doors etc. Also have a good neighbour that could pop in now and again while we’re not home. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated 


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If you have a neighbour pop in every day to collect eggs and check on water and food, they’ll be fine! There are feeders and drinkers (not the omlet ones) that will hold a good amount of food and water. So they will not likely run out. 
And if you let the neighbours keep the eggs, it might be a good trade off.
If you have the space for a 4 m run, consider a WIR instead. Much easier to clean/manage. 

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As cattails says if you have a neighbour who will look in on them daily to check they still have water and are all OK then you’ll be fine. 

I’m sure others will disagree, but I would be happy going away for one night, maybe two over a weekend and just leaving them to their own devices with plenty of food and water without anyone looking in on them. No longer than that though.


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