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Hello, and questions!

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Hi everyone, I'm new here!

I'll introduce my bunnies first, and then ask the questions!


I have 3 rabbits - Eevee a French Lop

Leon - who I think is in English

Mystique - a black Rex


We had Smudge, a lop, who we unfortunately lost on Monday. r.i.p


Ok, to start with, my French Lop Eevee, she is approx 1 1/2 - 2 years old.

I've had her a few months (They are all 'rescue' bunnies).

Recently, her vulva(?) area has started to smell AWFUL, and there was dark crust in the folds. I wipes it away gently (much to her disgust). Do I need to start cleaning her 'down there' more often, or could it be something more sinister?


Also, Eevee sits very close to the ground, and her hock area looks a bit dry/sore (when she lets me look, she can be a madam at times).

Is there anything I can do to help, so it doesn't become sore?


Next up - Leon. No idea how old he is...his previous owners said 3 months, but I think a little older - perhaps 6 months to a year.

How can we toilet train him?! Smudge needed no prompting, she did it in one corner, so we got her a litter tray. Eevee slowly started to do it in 1 corner, so she has a litter tray.

Leon loved to do it in his 'bed' and living area, but hardly ever in his run!

I put Smudges litter tray in with him tonight, but he doesn't seem bothered!


Any general tips now it's getting colder at night? We've put tonnes of extra hay in, and we cover the hutch/runs with tarpaulin at night.


Thanks :)

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No, he hasn't.

I only rescued him about 2 months ago. His previous owners said he was 3 months old - although I think he's older.


He was bought for a 2 year old, who wouldn't clean his hutch out :roll:


Are they a lot calmer when they have been neutered?

I don't know much about rabbits and neutering - I've only had dogs before, and it's never calmed any of them down! lol

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My three have all been neutered. The two girls are ever so 'neat' when they go :lol: Smudge on the other hand is using 5 foot long stretch of his run! They all throw their litter trays around, so I have given up with them. When Bibble didn't have permanent access to her run I put a large heavy duty seed tray in the bedroom area of her cage (her chosen toilet spot :roll: ) which she used - although the minute you took it out to clean it was a race to see if she could wee on the empty spot or I could get the fresh tray in first (she normally won!) :lol: . When I first got Smudge and Ember (who are now bonded - Bibs simply doesn't want to know) they were indoors for 6 weeks in separate cages while they were neutered and jabbed and they were both very well behaved, using the seed trays like little angels. I know have a pile of disused seed trays and variety of (expensive) litter trays in a pile in the garden :roll:


PS hope things go well at the vets - mine are all rescue buns too

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He shoudl calm down quite a bit - if he's a youngster (which sounds likely) then he's hitting puberty, when all things to do with behaviour go out of the window. He will calm down after he's been done and should be easier to litter train. It's best to get them done, otherwise, they can get stroppy, frustrated and spray/bonk everything in sight!

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Have you tried a corner litter tray that clips to the hutch then they can't throw it about? That's what I've got for benji in his eglu run and he uses it fine, though it sounds like i've been lucky there from reading the other posts. I put some of his poo pellets in the tray and he just started using it. He did have a little tug at it when i first put it in but gave up fairly quickly. The only problem i have is that his litter tray came with a detachable roof but if it's on he won't use it, I'm going to try again when the weather gets worse though.

Can't advise on neutering as I haven't had any of mine done and probably won't get benji done either unless he develops any behavioural problems but so far so good.

Congratulations on your new rescue bunnies though and good luck with the litter training.

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It is a corner tray, and he decided to chew the clip! Typical!


Eevee poo'd and wee'd on my sofa tonight, so the vax is out tomorrow morning!

Got a couple of great pics of Eevee and my dog on the sofa (When hubby can find the wire for his camera, I will upload them!)

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Sorry, totally forgot to reply about that!

She said it was a tiny bit of vaginitis, and just to keep it clean, and it should be fine :)


My dog gets all excited when I fetch the bunnies in for cuddles, trying to sniff them, but then she gets bored and goes to sleep lol

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