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Zippi rabbit platforms for chickens

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Hi all, does anyone know if the rabbit Zippi platforms are compatible with a chicken walk in run? I’m trying to think of ways of maximising the space and wondered if it was possible to use these platforms. I’d like to make an extra nesting area if possible and thought up a ramp and on a platform might work? Just a thought, does anyone have any ideas? 

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Sadly it doesn’t fit the normal WIR. The zippy platform attaches to a special ridge on the roof of the rabbit runs.

You could try and add some perches. Mine are just bits of wood and branches attached to the run with zip ties.

Otherwise maybe a small garden table?

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Ah that’s a shame but thank you for answering, I’ll take it out of my basket now :( Maybe something for Omlet to consider? I’ve got a 2m perch but I’m waiting on the up frame to arrive to decide where best to put it. I’ll look at other options like a little table. Thank you :)

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