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Hello all. Our Bantam Wyandotte has had a chick today, the chick escaped so mum went with it and left four other eggs....I was certain we would have two chicks from candling last week or so. She left the eggs for 5hrs to go cold so my wife brought them into the house just to get them out of the way from mum and baby thinking they had got too cold. I opened one and found a chick just about hanging on to life...there was some blood still in/around it. I managed to get the mum and older chick back into their home and put the new chick still kinda in its shell close to them but she did not pull it under her. I have an old girl who no longer really lays any more but has gone broody and has always been a great mum,,so put the chick/egg under her??


I guess what I'm asking is can she save it by keeping it warm and giving it time to finish hatching??


Thanks for any help.

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