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New to keeping chickens- advice please

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Hi all,

We have recently acquired three chicks from school and would like some advice, please. They are currently in a brooder box, as they’re only two weeks old, but what would you suggest they move into at 6 weeks? We are planning on buying an Eglu go up, but it says that they shouldn’t go in them until 12 weeks. They will be too big for their current home by then, so what do people suggest for an interim home between 6-12 weeks?



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We bought a large sized small animal cage from Amazon to keep them indoors. They do sell different sizes.

They stayed in this from when I got them at 5 weeks until they were big enough to go outside.

On warmer days, you could perhaps put them outside, as long as they are safe from predators, but I don't know what you would put them in for outside, as mine had a little bit of our main run.

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