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Jenny L. Mace

Particiapte in the most detailed survey about backyard chickens to date!

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Hi there fellow chicken keepers/carers!

*Opportunity to participate in the most comprehensive survey about backyard chicken-keeping!*

Please fill out this survey to help understand the chicken-keeping/rescuing community more and to enhance backyard/rescued chicken welfare!

  • The survey seeks to collect the most detailed information to date regarding backyard chicken owners’ current care-taking practices, relationship types with their chickens and attitudes towards chickens.
  • For the first time in a survey about backyard chickens, questions are asked to distinguish between different types of chicken such as ex-commercial or not, adopted or not and hen or rooster/cock.
  • This survey also aims to gather data on more niche/novel care-taking practices.
  • Anyone from any country who keeps chickens in a non-commercial capacity is welcome to fill-in this survey.
  • A £50 voucher redeemable at a chicken-oriented charity/shop near to you can also be won if you enter the prize draw when prompted.
  • This research is being completed in by Jenny L. Mace, ex-commercial hen carer and visiting lecturer at the University of Winchester, UK.

Please help to share this 🙂 Image of an ex-commercial hen named Bhavantu 🙂

Thank you!

Jenny :)


Bhav flight 2(1).jpg

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15 hours ago, mullethunter said:

What is the driver behind this survey @Jenny L. Mace

Somewhat thinly disguised I think, looking at the profile of the author.  In my professional opinion its a poor questionnaire as well, far too long, some leading questions, too much extraneous information being requested and some poor options as answers.

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