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A hen that now sounds like a cockerill?!

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At first I imagined it.....

Heard it again and thought it was a fluke (I'm a tired busy mum) 


But no definitely a hen that's now crowing like a cockerill! 


Normal? Will it pass or is this it? 

She is laying sporadically and tbh has been a problem child for a long time now (thinking of rehoming her) she paces up and down the coop all day...never stopping and sqwarks (and now crows) all the time. I mean not just when laying but all day now. Driving me crazy. 


Anyone got any experience of this? 


Oh and she also has a bare bum. Doesn't look sore just lack of feathers. 

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On 8/3/2021 at 8:28 PM, Cat tails said:

My Merel does this too. It happens when you have a all lady flock and a dominant hen can then fill the cockerel gap. Nothing much to do about it apart from hoping she’ll go broody. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Interesting, though she isn't the dominant hen. She is bottom of the pile. Always has been. Its all a bit strange!!! 


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I think I was asking to see  if it's a permanent change. This hen has become increasingly noisy since end of last year and now with her crowing she is just too much. 


We live semi rural so not in a city but I find I can't think or work with her constant sqwarking and now her crowing. Our row of houses has trouble with noisy dogs over the  way and just think my hen is adding to the stress. 


They have plenty of space but she just paces constantly to get out. Even when they have a free range area. She manages to fly out. Which is ok and we have a big garden but then she spends the whole time sqwarking and pacing to get back in 🙄


Wondered if the Cockerell noise would be permanent as really would need to to move her on. 

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I feel your pain, I’ve had two of those. The incessant whining/screeching drove me nuts. Made me dislike going in the garden and hanging out with the chickens.

I returned the first hen and replaced her for the second only to end up with the same behaviour. Pacing and screeching all day… ended up imagining ways to put an end to her… and the second hen was returned too! Also because she started to fight the others in the middle of the night. Haven’t regretted it a second!

Incidentally they both were partridge coloured. Will never get a partridge coloured hen ever again!

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