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i am thinking of getting some ducks and here are some questions:

how many ducks in 1 eglu

what type of ducks would you reccomend

and do you put hay or straw for the bedding?


please reply :)


ps.where can i get ducks from i live in lancshire skelmersdale wn8

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Hello Joshy


I wouldn't put more than 2 ducks in an Eglu if they only have the Eglu run to use. If they will have access to a large run or your garden then you could have 3/4. If you want eggs from them then 2 girl ducks will live happily together.


You would need to take the roosting bars out completely and cover the bottom tray well with straw - never hay.


Ducks are very messy - something to remember if you want to let them use your garden!


Before we moved to a place with more land, we kept our two ducks in an Eglu with the convertor and an extension.


.....and don't forget to check with your parents!!!! :D

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Lesley is correct with the quantity of ducks to keep. 2 are more than plenty (that’s assuming you don't have acres of land). Ducks are best kept in pairs for company. The breed of duck you select will determine both the size and eggs laid as some smaller breeds only lay eggs for a few weeks a year.


Most breeders recommend 1 drake and make up the rest of your total with ducks. The reason for this is that drakes will fight in the spring for control of the females. We have 1 drake and 2 ducks and they all get on with no fighting.


The size of duck will determine the amount of mess they make. Call ducks (smallest) will make very little mess in a pair. Bantam ducks (medium) are similar in size to those you'd see at a canal maybe a touch smaller depending on breed and again would make very little mess.


We have Black East Indian ducks that are generally of Bantam size. They live free range in our small garden as we have a 6ft fence all around (they do get locked up at night in case of foxes) and so they manage to distribute their mess all over the garden which is impossible to see. However, if you keep them in a run, then yes they will get messy and will need worming quite often as they will eat food in an area filled with their own droppings/mess.

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