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I've noticed (fairly certain it hasn't always been like that) that one of the girls is staring to bald behind her comb. My attention was drawn to this only today, noticing the lighter feathers in contrast to the reddish/brown ones. Very small area but I'm conscious that it could get out of control which I'd like to avoid. 

I have 4 hens which about 8-9 months old. They do not lack for space and between them have an abundance of roosting space, 4 nest boxes, 4 drinkers, 2 feeding stations and 3 dust bath areas. They are fed a layers pellet with and lib grit and calcium available at all times. 

I'd like to say they all get on extremely well with almost no aggression being seen. The victim is definitely bottom of the pecking order though. Heartbreaking as she is by far the friendliest and most docile. 

Is this something I should be worried about and what can I do about it?


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