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James H

broody chicken

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blinky has been laying egs for about 3 weeks now. when she laid her last egg she sat on it and refused to eat (our eggs ant fertile we dont have a cockeral) we took the eggs away from her and now she wont leave her nest and she refuses to eat. is this normal? any advice?

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If she's flattened against the nest and growling if you try to get her off, chances are she's broody. There are loads of threads covering this, but basically you need to get her off the nest and put something there to stop her sitting back on it. Get her body temperature lower, cold water dunking, broody cages and ice packs are all suggestions.

Don't let her sit on any eggs! If you catch her early enough she should snap out of it in a couple of days but it can be hard work they're very determined when they're broody.

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I have a broody at the moment had to wrestle with her this morning to get the one and only egg from under her !! (five girls 1 egg 1 broody) :roll:



Layla xx



Don't like the sound of dunkin a chicken in cold water thats a no no especially in this weather, it would catch a chill and b ill .

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