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Shutting eglu door

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just wanted to ask a question about shutting the eglu door at night. I haven't throughout the summer but now its turning colder I wonder whether I should (in fact, I have this evening.) It seems a long time for them to be shut in though (7 - 7ish) but would they want to come out anyway if it was still dark? I understand hens can't see in the dark so don't come out until there is enough light.

Also, do they feel the cold?! It felt cold to me out there just now but then i don't have feathers!

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As you haven;t locked then in all summer (As we don't ) I assume the eglu is secure and not exposed.


If you just twist it shut but don't lock it they will learn to push it open.


We left ours just open ajar and made the gap smaller and smaller and hey presto within a few days they were letting themselves out in the morning.


Just watch out though sometimes they open it enough to get out and it swings shut locking them out but it means they can get food when they want it and you can have a lie in without feeling guilty

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hi now mine have a new big run which is covered i do leave the door open, although i did close it on bonfire night because of the noise


we are lucky we get very mild weather here so it hasnt been an issue yet the cold


i am sure it is just a matter of what works for you and how exposed your eglu is, mine is close to the house so misses the weather.


i am sure there will be some good advise along soon


sarah :)

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