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Chicken coop

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Hi everyone 

I'm considering building a new coop fir my chickens and getting rid of my eglu. The design I have in kind is a wooden panel on the the bottom and chicken wire above a wooden roof inside a straw floor a nesting box at the corner and a roosting perch I the middle I will try and find a picture. But if anyone van picture it let me know what you think.


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They don't like walking on chicken wire and risk injury to their toes if they do. My advice is to look at other chicken coops. Secure door, good ventilation, a pent roof (naturally ventilated back to front), external weatherproof nest boxes and removable perch(es) are all good features. Helps your back a lot and keeps rats out if the whole coop is on stilts about 18" high. I'll try and find a picture of ours; we built three to bring to France with us.

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