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OK I've got a numpty

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Or maybe a scammer.


As many of you know I've been selling certain hard to get electronic items on Ebay (even harder to get now- my German supplier has run out EEEK!). I sold 4 this morning and had a good result in that 2 of them want to pay cash on collection - no paypal fees and no desperately trying to find a box to post them in.


One buyer I've neard nothing from yet (not unusual)


One has a zero feedback but MUST have a PayPal account as its one of my preset Ebay conditions. They email after the auction asking for an invoice. I send an invoice, they again request payment total which says I would like the item sent to the address below. 2 mins later they sent another invoice request saying can I send it to mothers house or their house to arrive after 1pm Monday.


I sent back that I can only send to the paypal address that I get after payment, otherwise I compromise my protection. Also that I can post it to arrive Monday but its special deliver before 1pm and a card will be left if not home so can be picked up from the sorting office. Next email - also under invoice request give me the mobile number and asks me to contact them this evening to arrange payment and delivery! I sent another message back through Ebay saying we need to communicate through the ebay messaging system for my protection. As many of you know I DON'T DO PHONES!


I'm wondering now if this is a numpty new member or a scammer. This item is ONLY going to be sent to a confirmed PayPal address.

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I haven't sold enough stuff on eBay to know - but you are wise to be cautious, stick to your guns about only dealing through PayPal.


Unfortunately experience tells me that no matter how clearly you spell something out, write it down, etc, there are still one or two people who just don't bother to read it!


Hope you get the message through to them. You've got the advantage - you have the item, they want it!

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I will warn you now, we have an ongoing police dispite cause of ebay and paypal. I sold a Nintendo DS a little while ago, the buyer had over 300 positive feedback and a confirmed paypal address, they paid imediatly, I sent the item, and got positive feed back 2 days later to say it was recieved, so I threw away my postal recipt (big mistake) paypal emailed me to say they were investigating the use of fraudulent funds and took the money back, asking me for proof of postage, I explained how as it was sent to the confirmed paypal adress and feedback had been recieved I had thrown the recipt away. So they decided to rufund the buyer!!!! So now we dont have the DS or the Money, while they are laughing! The person from paypal on the phone said that if we had the proof of postage we would have our money, as its clear that they got the item ok, and its jyst a case of thats what the small print says so tough! In the few days after my incident the person got about 50 bits of negative feedback, and turned out they ripped a load of other people off but nothing was done about it.


I will never use ebay again, so be warned, confirmed address means nothing. Feedback means nothing, and buyers get no protection. Acording to paypal rules you need to keep all your proof of postage for the rest of your life, otherwise the person can turn around and say they never got it.

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You have done everything right,don't worry.


It doesn't sound like a scammer to me, but have a look at their past bidding history (via advanced search) & you can see if they have won multiple hard to find electrionis items recently :roll:


I can't get hold of the darn things now either - missed out 4 times on Amazon this morning,which I blame fully on my rubbish dial-up connection.

This is even though they already have my details for shipping & payment logged in....aaaarrrrgggghh


I did try .de too, but they have closed the door to us over here,it would seem :roll:


Let me know if you have any more problems. You shouldn't be expected to speak on the phone to sort out delivery - thats what the messaging system is for.Keep all correspondence with numpty through this,then both you & eBay will have a record.


Good luck - let me know if I can help further.

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I'm only sending these out Special Delivery - I also keep all my postage receipts for about 6 months or longer as I usually forget to chuck them out!


Sometimes with the little things I don't get a proof of postage as its easier for me to leave the post on the step and have our postie collect it but thats just a chance I take with sub £10 items.

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Unfortunately ebay is populated by the illiterate and the downright dim.


We only post to uk but constantly get bids from overseas, constant requests for address which they should know comes up on invoices and payment reciepts etc etc etc.


Stick by your guns and follow your gut instincts.


Must get around to doing my annual ebay stint to pay towards Christmas :roll:

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