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new cockerel. what breed?

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hi thanks for the welcome.


he looks like both from those pictures??????


his name is boris. i have been given in as he was living in a house on his own as he was fighting with the other cock all the time.


hes come to live with my 2 ex batts, he in there house at the moment and they have gone in to the garden shed!! i bet they think they are in the ritz!!


im keeping him seperate as he was a bit nasty at the old place ( im hoping that was because he was compeuting with the other cock) and i want to try and get him a bit tamer befor i let him out with my 2 lovely girls.


do you he may come nice? or once they nasty they always nasty?

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I just looked at the picture again, he is too small to be a welsumer, he must be a leghorn. We have a leghorn hybrid lady, and she is very small.


I wonder if he has a bit if Silkie in him, due to the colour of his comb?



I know he's not fluffy, but he is small like a silkie too :?


Love the name by the way :wink:



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mmm i see what you mean by the colour of his comb.


i dont think hes had a great life and im wondering whan he gets to be free range and out lose in my garden like my 2 ex batts ladies weathrr his comb may chance to a proper red comb. my girls combs were nearly white when i get them and now they are bright red.

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