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Introducing new hens: mission accomplished

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Thanks everyone for all your tips and advice on introducing new hens. I cherry-picked advice and we now have 4 happy hens.


I let the two established hens free-range for a couple of hours each morning for a few days to let the others feed and get to the water. I closed them in together in the eglu during the night and yesterday I held my nerve and kept them all in the run but blocked off the eglu so that they had to just get on with it.


There was a LOT of argy bargy but finally today things have settled down and the oldies are eating next to the newbies from the grub. (Although the cheeky blighters are STILL chucking it all over the floor) :roll: Queenie (Bluebelle) has also stopped chasing them indoors and standing guard at the eglu door!


The noise levels of boc-boc-bocking have reduced dramatically. Peace at last! (Who am I trying to kid?!)

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that's so good to hear, well done on keeping your nerve too, mine were in tatters when it happened to me! I had a little bit of argy bargy trouble and without the guys on here I wouldn't have known what to do!


Now I have a happy little flock and sounds like you do too :)

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