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just been woken up by my chicken!

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Saturday is my lie in day.


Hubby gets up at 5.45 as he cant sleep, wakes me up. I put the telly on in bed and it starts to send me back to sleep......then all of a sudden I hear crowing (above the telly).....*turns tv down* and Coco my cuckoo maran is crowing her little heart out in the garden at 7am :evil: I quickly run out into the garden (in my pink loveheart pyjamas :oops: ) and they are all bright and alert in the run waiting to be let out! :roll:


Bet my neighbours love me today, my chooks have never done this in the winter and I only ususally worry about crowing in the summer mornings. :roll:

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Well. Coco has never done it before. I had a real problem with Ella my big dominant top chook in the summer (which is why I shut the eglu door at all times at night) as she just crows for the sake of it!! :roll:


Im not going to let them out so early in the morning - they can wait quietly inside the eglu. I blame hubby today - as he opened the door at 6am (when it was still dark). :evil:

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My North Holland Blue is incredibly loud. And she's so serious too - she comes up to me, really purposfully, and crows her little heart out. Its just like she's really trying to tell me something every so important.


And she looks at me really earnestly ... but I just don't know what its all about - so I just sit there, whitter at her and try to look understanding and not too blank.


Just like I do most of the time to everyone else really.

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