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I was woken last night by a howling wind and came down this morning to find the eglu and run had shifted by a good 6 inches - sideways AND backwards. There was hemcore all over the place and 3 out of the 10 eyelets that I had painstakingly put in the new raincover had ripped off :cry: . The shed door was also flapping open. Goodness knows what the girlies thought was happening!


Came back from YS's rugby this morning to find our winter cover on the doorstep with a stone on top. It had been in the shed so must have blown into the neighbours garden. Luckily they recognised it as ours.


My lovely new raincover is obviously providing enough lift in strong winds to move the whole dang run, eglu 'n all.


Good news though, both Milly and Maisie are crouching :dance: (although the shock of being lifted bodily off the ground last night may delay egg production!)

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