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winter in USA

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this is a pic of the girls figuring out their first snow.


i have them set up in the garage with heat lamps, etc. Probably overkill. . .but i love my girls. Got to pamper them. . .


Damn. . .who knew you could become so attached to a couple of hens? They love to be picked up and rubbed under their wings. They RUN to the house anytime they see the door open. . .and is there anything funnier than a chicken running at full speed????


Oh.. .another important question. . .with it being winter and the grass is gone. . .they are LOVING spinach but no other "greens". . .is spinach in large amounts OK for the babes? ;-)



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He hee, bet they were puzzled at the snow! They look lovely as always John :D

I'm sure they'll be fine with just spinach, as long as they get some some greens, you'll still get those lovely golden yolks. Thanks for the update - can i move into your garage? Sounds warmer than my house at the moment :?:D

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or you could sprout some seeds in jars in the airing cupboard or another warm place, I have a packet ready to go just need to pull my finger out and get going with them.



these are the ones I've got and there's some instructions on the site too




might even have some myself but the idea was to give them to the chickens though knowing my girls, they'll probably turn their noses up at them!

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