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Green omelette??

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Something odd happened today... I cooked an omelette for my kids... the raw eggs looked totally fine... I'm sure about it cause my second daughter, whom the chooks belong to, cracked and weighed and analysed each egg separately and very closely... yet when I cooked the omlette, the end product was green....

That never happened to me before, with bought or home eggs, and I'm a bit puzzled... the taste seemed normal to me.....though from the look of it my kids refused to eat it, saying it tasted odd...

What could make eggs turn green while cooking? Did I somehow overcook them or something??

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Ooooh I see....

Yes I think I used olive oil, but I always do... and the omelettes don't always turn green... it was a bigger than usual omelette, so cooked it for longer, in olive oil, so maybe that's what happened....


The pan wasn't copper, but I did think of copper at the time cause the green colour was just like that green that develops just around a copper coin hidden in a sponge cake...


Thanks, I'll keep an eye on this in the future...

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