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Chicken bullying

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I have three chickens who have been living in harmony since October but on Monday one of the chickens started attacking another one - who has stopped laying eggs. Things are getting quite nasty - the attacker has caused quite a lot of damage to the victim. We have tried putting mite powder on them all, in case there was a problem with that, but nothing has helped. We have had to keep the bully away from the victim as we fear for her safety - help us!!

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Bring on the bumper bits. It can happen, when a chook if off colour/not laying, that the offers see them as a problem and attack them as a defence. I lost one of my original chooks to a similar situation which got too much for her to cope with and she just gave up the will to live.


The bully may calm down after a few days in isolation.


I'ms sure more advice will follow.



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Hi Janette


Welcome to the forum!! Have a look on the 'Welcome to Omlet' on the first page there is a topic called 'How to Use' From there it should tell you how to add your chook info etc.


Hope the bully settles down - let us know how it goes.





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