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Anyone else having this trouble???

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I'm getting no eggs!


Muddles has now started moulting and there are feathers everywhere!


Starlet is just coming out of her moult and has started to crouch again, so hopefully some more eggs soon...


Molly and Spice are still too young to lay eggs.


So currently four chickens = no eggs! :roll:

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Well the big ones have been getting their poultry spice for ages, so they've been getting plenty of protein!


Anyway, I'm very pleased to say that Starlet has just come back into lay today, (it was probably the having to buy eggs that made her do it!!!). So this week- one egg to four hens. :roll::lol:

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We are getting 2 eggs per day, 3 if we are lucky. Out of 8 hens, Spice, Uma and Gemma have gone on winter strike (even though they are hybrids.) Clover is still not laying (despite being 35 weeks, and being a hybrid.) And the rest are laying almost daily. I remember in the summer going round to the neighbors house every evening and giving 6 eggs away *sigh* I can't wait till the summer!



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Is it possible for a hen never to lay? One of my hens is more than a year old now and has never laid an egg.


She is very nervous and never sits in one place for long...im almost certain she is NOT a male....any advice?


Are you certain she is not laying somewhere in the garden...under a shrub for example.


Someone on the forum once discovered a clutch of about 27 eggs hidden away.

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