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Ducks 'n' Chooks

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A very sweet thing happened tonight :D - the ducks have been in the grower's run for a couple of weeks, the 5 chicks (12 weeks old) sleeping in an eglu and the ducks (5 weeks old, but almost same size now) sleeping in a pet carrier. 3 of the chicks went to their new owner today, leaving the 2 that I'm keeping and I went out after dark to make sure everyone was tucked up - the 2 wee ducks are in the eglu snuggling up with the chicks :D .


I was going to get them their own eglu once I was sure of their sex, as I thought you had to take the bars out and let them sleep on straw but if they're happy, I'm happy :D

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It does sound like it then Fee. We are sending the two spare drakes back and I think our own drake will have to go in the pot - I'm only going to keep girls from now on............ the scenes I've witnessed recently :roll::?


What scenes Lesley? Or is it not suitable for a family forum? I know that drakes have a certain....erm... reputation.

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A well deserved reputation I'm afraid :( It is really horrible to watch - our drake has relentlessly persued the grown up girl duckling now that she is older - and when he catches her, one of the other drakes comes and holds her head down as well :( Sometimes all three of the drakes hold her down :(


I didn't want to get rid of the drake really as they came as a pair......... :(

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