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Question about the introductions with Rose.

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For the past two nights I have been putting Rose in the Eglu with the new girls as her scabs have gone and she has no bruising really. Just a little pink and bald. :roll:


It has taken quite a while for her to heal but the injuries were pretty nasty! :(


Anyway, I have also been letting them all free range together in the garden and I have been letting them mingle inside the big run while I sit in there.


What I would like to know now is when should I take the Eglu run out of the big run? It is taking up quite a bit of room!! :roll:


I have no fear of the new girls pecking at Rose as they are too afraid of her to go near her and even if they tried-she soon gives them what for and they run off.

The problem would be more with Rose giving them a hard time!!

I have read loads about introductions and it seems that however long I keep the apart-when they are put in together they will still have to sort out the pecking order so am I just putting off the inevitable??


Should I carry on as I am for now with them sleeping together and spending an hour or so together in the day or just bite the bullet and remove the small run, cross my fingers, pray, don't watch and hope they get settled??

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I'd carry on for another few days if it were me.


When you scatter treats and Rose is still separate from them,if you can't let them free range, scatter them in a way that they all have access to the same pile of food if you see what I mean as shared eating is one way of getting them to "gel" as a team.


When you do merge them in the run, do it on a day where you can "supervise".


Or you might prefer to bite the bullet and let them get on with it.


I think I'd prefer to supervise, given the history.


Good luck.

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They have just (yesterday) started to eat corn from the same pile. Previously they would not have been allowed!! :lol:


When I do leave them in the big run together I will most definitely stay with them. Couldn't bear leaving them to get on with it and finding a blood bath. Been there-done that! :roll: Not nice!!


I can see slight improvements over the last 10 days so maybe I should carry on for a few days yet. Perhaps see how we go by the weekend!!

Nerve wracking stuff this! :roll::lol:


Cheers for the advice Egluntine-love your Christmassy sig by the way 8)

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i think that after the weekend you should put her in with them and leave them to sort it out. there will probably be a bit of pecking but nothing to bad. on the day make sure there are lots of things for them to do: treats that are hard to get to mabye?


i did this after 8 days seperated and there was some pecking but after 2 days they were fine

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Good luck Scrunchee, I've just started letting the little bantams free range with our big girls and there's quite a lot of pecking going on - mostly the little light sussex having a go at the big girls! She did it through the bars of the run when the bantams were out and the big girls were in, now they're all out together she's realising they can get her back! They've been jumping on her, stamping on her and pecking her but it doesn't seem to stop her - she's quite an aggressive little thing. I've left the free ranging to get on with it, haven't tried putting them all in together yet! It's nerve wracking isn't it, at least Rosie is standing up for herself. Hope your intros go well and it's all one big happy flock soon!]


MRs Bertie

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