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Urgent - please read this

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I have just had a strange telephone call from the police in Ipswich. A bag was found in the Kesgrave area on Saturday evening and the only identification / clue to the owner was a small bit of paper with my name and my two telephone numbers on it. As I don't know anybody in Kesgrave the only explanation that I can come up with is that it was somebody who I met at Jimmy's Farm on Saturday.


If you lost a bag late on Saturday in the Ipswich area, call the main station on :


01473 613500


The police officer dealing with the bag is numbered :3106

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I can't actually remember giving my home number to anybody on Saturday...it was just a long shot really...I do not know anybody who might have been in Ipswich for any other reason. The police have destroyed the number now...I'm just concerned that I know the owner but can't tell them that their bag has been found.


I have also posted signs up in our staff room and sent text messages to my friends as I know that a mobile was not in the bag.

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Clare T went into Ipswich after Jimmy's didn't she?


How worrying - hope you find out who the bag belongs to (and why they have your number!)


Thanks for thinking of us Tina - we ended up not going though - it was too cold and we were too tired to be bothered.


I hope it gets sorted out Janty - it's a nasty feeling isn't it?

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