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little chickadee

DEFRA says my girls can come out and play!!!!!

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We let our girls out into the garden for the first time in I don't know how long. I was really excited but a bit nervous incase they had become people shy. No problems. The two friendly ones Dave and Amber were still just as friendly. It was so funny watching their wobbly wattles! Whenever I've gone near them when they were shut up, they just ran to the door and gave me "please let me out" eyes so I couldn't really watch them go about their business like when they are free ranging.

More excellent good news

DAVE AND AMBER ARE CROUCHING ! Not long now hopefully then, it's ever so funny. Dave was crouching in a very suggestive manner when I put my hand on her back!

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You were so near to the restiction border Cat that your neighbours probably wouldn't know any difference, but I'm really close to the scene of the crime! We've got loads of people round here that keep chickens and they were all under cover. I was frankly too scared not to do as DEFRA said, just incase there was a problem in the wider area.

I will be risking a trip to the Hen house in the new year I think, as I've asked for a couple of Chicken IOU's for Christmas. Don't know if I'd be better off waiting for a bit though for some spring chickens!

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My girls came out on Monday morning at 5.45am for an hour or so before we went to school. They are just as nosey as ever.


I'm off to Suffolk rare Breeds centre soon to get a brahma bantam and possibly a red pile brahma. They are not far from you Little Chickadee...you should give them a call.

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My husband named this one, it's because Trigger in Only fools and Horses always used to call Rodney Dave and said "alright Dave" whenever he saw him. OH always says "alright Dave" when we go out to the chickens.

Mrs. Bertie also has a foster chicken called Dave


ahhhh, thought it might have been something to do with Papa Lazarou..."hello Daaaaaaaaaave!" :)

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