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Hempcore advice

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Hi there


Bibble and Bobble are currently living in a run with deep barkchips, which despite being covered with the winter cover has turned into a muddy compacted mess. My question is

1. If I get Hempcore do I rake out all the bark chip and replace with hempcore instead, if so to what depth?

2. I live in Coventry, where can I get hempcore?




Still haven't got the hang of the icons...


Bibble (gingernut) lovely daily eggs :D

Bobble (pepperpot) still to produce!! :?

Both love porridge and museli, as do the visitng squirrels!!! :D

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Hi, I think it would be better to remove to old, soggy bark chips before replacing it with Hemcore. I tend to cover the run in a couple of inches of the stuff and it tends to settle when it's being absorbent.

Hemcore can be bought at most horsey shops and agricultural stores. You can also check the Hemcore website and search for suppliers.

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Hi Pantomimecat,


I just use hemcore in my run and find it very good. I have not found anywhere in Coventry yet that sells it but I get all my chicken food, hemcore etc from Claybrook Animal Feeds in Claybrooke Magna, Lutterworth which it is not that far a way. Hope that helps and if you seach them on the net you will get the address :D

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