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One Man and his Hens...

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The darlings arrived late Wednesday night all starry eyed ready to roost in their new run-bless them. :?:? But we popped them in the eglu to keep them safe and warm :)

Thursday after a lie in till 10.15am - out popped Matti then Tilda followed by Bunty.Straight to the food for Tilda and Matti too followed slowly by Bunty.And they found the superglug okay too.Food and Water-Result! :P:P And they found their way into the eglu no problem at night.

Next day nice and earlier at 8.15am-food and water and some corn as treat.Bolted into the eglu as they saw me approaching but came gingerly out as I placed the corn nearby - Matti first as usual(top chook) followed this time by Bunty then Tilda.Bunty loves to flutter and flap but walks mighty fine and is pretty resourceful and has bonded very firmly with Matti.Tilda a young un is a bit quivery but is doing okay.

Saturday was fun as we spent all day with them - they had an adventure out but hey Matti can fly extremely well,a robust hen who nearly took off over the wall.Even Bunty perched on the hosepipe rail immediately then realised she couldnt get her fluffy features down again. Tilda was a bit more nervy and cautious.Porridge was served and I realised they were definitely up for that.I sang and whistled and upon the second whistle ,Matti arrived by my side for a taste of porridge and Bunty trotted along and another whistle sounded the arrival of Tilda.Chomp chomp and amazingly very calm and happy.Waited till they were finished and then slowly coaxed them in their run again with the help of the magic corn again whistling away gently and off they trotted Matti,Bunty then finally Tilda made a quick dash in the run.Never whistled so softly before but the girls seemed to love it.

Meanwhile in the run I hung a feeder with some selected greens and Bunty the clever darling showed the others how its done and the girls are having their greens now too. :lol::lol: Has anyone whistled or hummed to their hens before? Could have a competitio One Man(or woman)and his/her Hen? :shock::lol::lol: I love these chooks!

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