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Chicken Food Receipes

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Well we have a whole section dedicated to receipes for us, ans I thought it was about time we had one dedicated to receipe ideas for our chooks.


So I will start us off:


Savory bread pudding.


Take several roughly sliced pieces of bread, can be stale, (I use a multigrain with rye), spread with marmite and rip into chunks, place these chunks into a dish and pour over some water. stick in microwave till bread is steaming then tip off excess water and sprinkle with sweetcorn or sultanas and serve.



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Oh you know I never thought of cooking up my potato peelings for them, I just threw a load in the bin. I will have to remember for next time.



make sure that you cook them though - raw taters are poisonous.


Mine get a mixture depending on what I can lay my hands on. Pellets, chick crumbs, garlic granules, olive oil, porridge oats, raisins, citricidal... just depends really.

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All looks and sounds scrummy. Our girls usually get oat or shredded wheat 'porridge' made with water, with sweetcorn/raisins, poultry spice and grit mixed in.


The recipe above says something about heating the pudding till it's steaming - is it ok to feed our girls hot food? I always let the porridge cool?



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This morning mine had organic oats with boiling water poured over, ds2's l;eftover weetabix, some raisins and a mashed banana that had been hanging round in the fruit bowl too long.


Sounds delicious, doesn't it?


After the initial frenzy they completely ignored it and I have just thrown most of it in the bin!



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