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So nice that there is a place where people understand how elated I am about these chooks!


I was lucky with my first egg, but my girls are a year old and were already laying when I brought them home - the first egg was probably 'in the pipeline' so to speak... but I expected them to stop laying after their move. They didn't - they took a few days break and we had a few papery eggshells, but that's been all, and they're really taking to Eglu life nicely.


Previously they were barn hens, well cared for but not free-range, so I've been really pleased to see natural behaviour outside - scratching, eating grass, destroying the garden - real chicken stuff.


They're becoming tame so fast as well - they eat happily from our hands and are always interested when we open the back door, even if we're just putting rubbish in the wheelie bin.


Poet, I will post photos as soon as I can. I'm a bit of a techno-numpty :doh: , but I'll work it out in the end.

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sounds absolutely great. I've got 7 youngsters (and evil Georgie who is 4 yrs old). I think three of the youngsters are laying, and I expect the others to start over the next few weeks. So I am rushing down to the Cube at every opportunity to see if the eggs are there!


And I will have been keeping hens for 5 years next year - so whoever said the feeling doesn't wear off is dead right.

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