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lovely to watch :0)

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DH dug out the crud from the big run today, limed the soil and put fresh aubiose down, so the girls are nice and fresh for Christmas (he does it about once a month anyway). The girls free ranged while he was doing this but they kept coming back in to see what he was doing and getting in the way ;) He said Maud even jumped on the spade while he was trying to dig!


After he'd worked hard on getting them comfy and fresh, they all went in and started kicking the fresh aubiose around and dust bathing in it, all at the same time! :D


Then they had their daily treat of mealworms. Mariana grabbed a beakful and ran off with them to eat them in private in a corner of the run, while the others just gobbled them down as fast as possible.


When I see them really enjoying themselves like this, happy, healthy, free and getting under DH's feet, I know we did the right thing in re-homing them! :D


Makes my nose tingle ;)


Merry Christmas everyone!



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Ah, bless them! They are lucky girls :)


I cleaned mine out yesterday. Aubiose everywhere now! It's like an open invitation to them to flick it everywhere. :roll:


The Aubiose is very light in colour compared to Hemcore. It almost looks like it has snowed in their run if you glance quickly. :) Very festive!

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There is something really satisfying about a clean chicken pen isn't there? I used to only get that buzz when I clean the horses stable out ...even though you know they will trash it again after a short while. :roll:

I wonder if they appreciate it ?? Mine always look a bit confused when I have cleaned them out and go around rearranging things.

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I've just come in from watching my girls take themselves off to bed. what a laugh


One at a time into the Cube, and they are very polite in the queue, waiting their turn.


But the Orps get in early.

And don't move along into the Cube.


So there are three, feathery fluffy bums blocking up the door,


and the rest are in a queue on the ramp, shuffling from one foot to the other. You can almost see the neurones creaking into action - 'uh, what do we do now, can't get into the Cube ..... does not compute, must go to bed, can't get it .,... um


Eventually they all pushed their way in and settled down in a heap of chickens, heads down, heads up, under each other, over each other ...


what fantastic entertainment they give me - and I love them for it.

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What a lovely day it has been - from all the girls simultaneously eating from my hand to Tilda playing football trying to escape from the makeshift goalposts we put up for their grand day out.Bunty an absolute darling helped coaxed Matti out of the eglu run but Tilda the sprightly little un led us a merry dance checking all the small weak spots in the netting and DH on one side playing goalie to her challenges to break free and myself and the other sweeties playing goal defence at the other side! :D:D

They are such characters but Tilda really kept us all on our tippy toes today.She is still a very slight little thing with extremely good flight capabilities.

DH put up the netting in no time making for a spectacular afternoon for the girlies foraging and finding new grass.They seem to have taken a liking to our cedar tree too! :?

They adore their greens just cant simply keep up with them,have spinach on the go at the moment.

Today I have felt the girls have been looked after as they should be- free happy content but relatively safe with lots of onlookers watching the chooks come out to play. :D:D

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