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Hello All

Needing a bit of help here. I have an old (7yr) Mk1 Cube & on this last dismantling deep clean have found the rubber cup covers to be totally disintegrated. I’ve contacted Omlet by email (I’m in France) but not getting any response regarding possible replacements. Could someone make a stencil of theirs that could be attached to an email? I have some thin rubber that I could use to cut replacements from, if only I had the pattern

Cheers Victoria 

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Hi Harrison Family

I’m meaning the folding rubber covers that sit under the metal L bracket, bottom left & right of the back panel. They divert the rain that runs down the roof sides & through the back panel. Stopping the water running into the egg box & droppings tray. See manual pic below, bracket cupsBB4F7E86-B219-4088-8F88-DB13916CD63E.thumb.png.80446c0d9c81b6d8beb430602db81a04.png

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Good morning All

Just giving an update on the Cube Mk1 Bracket cups pictured above. They are a stock item Uk Omlet, 61p each. So if your roof is trickling water down through the channels & collecting in the droppings tray & egg box & you don’t have these black rubber flanges, cupping the brackets on that bottom board, below the removable back, it may well be a good investment! I can testify to the effectiveness of these, having had a Cube from new & it only just starting to leak because mine had perished, after 7 years.


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