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bald ex battries

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I've had 3 girls from a local battery egg farmer on christmas eve to keep Babs company after her mate ginger was taken by the buzzard RIP. They have not had their beaks clipped, and are mostly in good nick but 1 is very small & her neck is completely bald, I presume she is moulting & not laying as a result. Any tips to get them all into better condition

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Hi Anne


Glad your new girls are settling in OK after the trauma of last week.


There's some useful information on bringing ex-batts home on the BHWT website at http://www.bhwt.org.uk/caringforhens.html Also, some other useful tips here http://www.downthelane.net/Page_35.html


I'm sure others will be along with more advice shortly :)



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you could add poultry spice to their food, some apple cider vinegar to their water, try a few meal worms which are full of protein (but not too many as they are fattening) we buy the freeze dried ones and soak them in a little warm water to re-hydrate them before feeding them to the girls. They get them in the evening, before bed time. Mung beans are full of protein too. Also try a little mixed corn as a treat.


I believe dolphin friendly tuna in brine (but rinsed thoroughly) is a very good source of protein as well.


I'd definitely say some poultry spice and ACV at the very least though, plus a good balanced diet of course :)


Good luck with your girls.

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i thought that chick should not eat any meat? so why is tuna & cat food different?? or am i being really stupid?


meal worms are meat too but they would kill you and leave you for dead for them! :lol:


Free ranging chooks pick up all sorts of meaty bugs and insects too.


I personally wouldn't give mine cat food as you never know what might have gone into it and it stinks! :vom:


There's never any leftover meat in our house so ours have never had meat, I don't think I'd feel happy feeding them meat but I don't know why!? :?

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I use organic cat food.


It is quite expensive....but to be honest I have smelt worse smells! :lol:


My hens have all moulted spectacularly these last few weeks, but the cat food has helped them feather up again beautifully.


Claret recommends chick crumbs. Full of protein apparently.


I might try them next time.

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