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Johnny ******* Kingdom

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I have just been subjected to watching Johnny Kingdon - her indoors wanted to watch the programme when he visited SCOT LAND (to follow up to his visit to LAP LAND - as he kept telling everyone)


What is the BBC doing spending our licence money on such a moronic imbecile?


I have never been so patronised in my entire life. This programme would have been insulting to the intelligence of the average 4 year old.


Please please give us wildlife programmes narrated by David Attenborough, Kate Humble or the terrific Simon King. Please please please do NOT subject us to infantile, patronising pathetic drivel from some partially (giving the benefit of the doubt) educated twerp from goodness knows where, who really hasn't got a clue about where he is and what he is doing.


I didn't like him much.


And today I have just been to Wicken Fen. What a fantastic Nat. Trust maintained fen. Brilliant. And after that we went to Anglesea Abbey. Nice gardens.


And if the BBS want to televise anything over here, don't send idiot Kingdom. He should be sent home to work in his garden. Not on the telly.



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never heard of him either but have been watching a round Britain thing with one of the Dimblebys, never know which is which!? It's been interesting but he's intensely irritating.

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