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Oh my goodness - two eggs updated

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For months Ive only had one chicken laying. My two hatchlings never have and I assumed they would start in the spring. The bantams I picked up with Tina have never layed. Well one did the first day but not after so I assumed the stress stopped them and that they may start in the spring too. I wasn't expecting to go and find two eggs this morning. Now I have to start that whole who layed it thing.

Its made my day especially as I'm feeling pretty rough at the moment to the point of having lost my voice.

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That's good news Bron! Weird though, I wasn't expecting my lot to produce many eggs before spring, but they've cranked up production so much that I have eggs to sell again! :shock: Not complaining though - hope you find the 'culprits' :lol:


Sorry you aren't feeling well (((hugs))) :(

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