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Nesting Box for Cube

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so feel free to move it Mods.


Has anyone put nesting boxes in the Cube? Our hens are a bit fussy who they share the nesting box with when laying :roll: ie they like to be alone


Ideas on how to separate it or buy some sort of boxes to put in it


Suggestions are very welcome :D

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I was just wondering about this as one of mine was hoofed out of the nesting box this morning when she hadnt finished her business and I have never heard such a noise until the other one had finished and she was able to get back in. I know there is supposed to be enough room for 3 to lay at once, but mine don't seem to agree with that!

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Perhaps put in some cardboard divisions. It would probably be easiest to put them either side of the entry hole and put separate holes in the divisions so they can get in and out easily.


Maybe make it so that the gaps for them to get in through are cut from the bottom so the hens won't stand on the cardboard-otherwise it will fall over.


Hope that helps and makes sense!

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