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Ain't Nobody Here

Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe

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I have just read this post and realised that 'Lola' is on the radio very odd :shock:


Now this is spooky :shock: . I went for a run today and "Lola" was on my MP3 player :shock::shock: . (I did know it was there, but of all the songs .... ) Ray is trying to tell us something :wink: .


Back to the album, I would recommend it - there wasn't a track I didn't like :D .

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I have his last solo album - Other People's Lives - which I didn't think much of - I downloaded it on the strength of LOVING everything the Kinks ever did...


I have this one too - but I didn't buy it - I think I got it free with a newspaper?? it's in a cardboard case anyway - and says it is a promo copy...


it's much better than Other People's Lives - I particularly like Morphine and Real World and Peace in our Time - I haven't (TBH) given it too much attention, having only had it on in the car...


anyway... what do YOU think of it??


(at the moment I am mostly listening to Amy Winehouse - Back to Black...) she really is a cracking talent... - shame about the drugs....



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Our daughter Juliette was nearly named Lola after The Kinks song


:lol: you couldn't decide if she was a girl or a boy???


Phil 8)


(please tell me Juliette wasn't inspired by Dire Straits??)

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