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Laura & CTB

A very strange evening....

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I've just had with my 18 year old son who has now gone to a mates house for a murder mystery party.........dressed as a female :roll:


I've just spent the last couple of hours getting him ready - t shirt with one of my summer short flouncy skirts. Hair brushed (a first) and tied up in a girly ponytail. Beaded necklace, evening bag and the icing on the cake.........bright red painted nails :shock:


And then he wondered why I wouldnt let him walk there!!


I'm off to get a glass of wine now :?

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I have been to a few of these now. Its great fun if you all get in the spirit of it. It comes in a box with instructions and cue cards etc but some are better than others and easyer to follow. The best ones have a given thing to say when its your turn then you can improvise if you like. Better for those of us who are not naturally quick witted.


We did one as a group of 4 couples cross dressing. Well that was the idea exept 2 of the men chickened out. My OH bless him did it along with another one of the guys and they were soooo funny.

More hinge and bracket than glam :lol:

We usually do it around a 4 course meal with each of us bringing a course.

I hope he enjoys it.

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