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Ikea - Good packaging

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We made another trip to Ikea yesterday to buy Mum some Billy bookcases for her bedroom (to replace some very old pine ones which were too small and didn't match - the pine ones will now be summerhouse storage!).


Normally I buy my Billy's off Ebay for about 1/2 the money, ready built and ready to go (I have LOADS of them!). But we havn't had a lot of luck getting any Birch ones locally so she wanted to buy new. I've put them together this morning.


I was pleasantly surprised to find out how little packaging was in the box, it is clearly very well thought through to minimise the packaging.


Each bookcase came in a large box


There was one small piece of polystyrine in each box


One small plastic bag for the "bits" in each box


2 small offcuts of wood used as spacers in the big box (James the builder now has these!)


2 little bits of cardboard in the small box to stop things sliding about


1 small square of cardboard in the big box to stop things sliding about.


I think they were not remotely overpackaged - when you consider the MOUNTAIN of packaging I have for recycling at the moment following Christmas toys for James which were all GROSSLY overpackaged.


Its Well done Ikea from me!

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I agree Penguidmad!


When I bought my large dining table, it came in a large box with a thin sheet of polystyrene covering the wood. I use that now under a table cloth as it protects the table.


I love ikea! The blurb at the pack of the catalogue explains all their recycling/packaging methods.

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We bought our new kitchen/utility units from Ikea and everything was recyclable which was a relief as there was a lot of cardboard and plastic packaging as each door was individually boxed and the door fronts all had protective plastic film on while the units were all boxed up separately.

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I bought loads and loads of oak ones off Ebay, fitted out my dining room, study and I have one of the narrow ones with a glass door in the living room. I actually want another one of these to balance it out the other side too.


I even have my computer on a £10 oak dining table (also Ebay/Ikea).


Now there are some clues to an unguessed room on another thread there....

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