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Advice please, mice in Cube!!

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I have a cube and 3 chickens. I take food in every night and the water. However, when cleaning this morning 5 (!!) mice appeared, 1 from the nest box and 4 from around the rest of the coop and under the tray.They disappeared down the ladder (!) and a bit later I saw one climbing back in up the ladder. I really, really don't want to put down poison and have read that peppermint oil is a good deterrent. Does anyone have any suggestions please? They are sweet looking little things...

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Chickens will normally catch and eat mice, given the chance, so poison is definitely not to be used. At our last place the owner used to catch mice in snap traps and throw the bodies into the chicken enclosure. We haven't done that for fear of transmitting intestinal worms. As Luvachicken says, once you have removed the mice see if you can stop them returning.

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