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What size hole can a rat get through?

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I have rats nesting under the Eglu for the umpteenth time.


I have put strong mesh under the Eglu which I thought would put a stop to it, but my rats are very clever and can dig all around the mesh to make the hole through the mesh just big enough to squeeze in. I have put a brick in the picture so that you can see the size of the mesh.


I am seriously thinking of getting a second cube. I can't lift a paving slab, let alone lay them under the Eglu.


That hole leads under the Eglu and then straight out the other side into the run, just where the mesh finishes. It's too big to be mice, isn't it?



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Yep...sorry Gallina....that looks like a rat hole to me.


I'd revisit the paving slab idea if I were you.


You can always give them a dustbath in the run.


I've got unwanted guests again. They only ever seem to tunnel under the one Eglu.


I flooded the holes today with the hospeipe and filled them in as best as I could.


I've noticed that the poison in my bait boxes has been eaten so hopefully in a week or so.........


Bloomin' nuisance aren't they?

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We had a rat chew though the wooden wall of the stable the hens live in - the hole was fairly small but the droppings showed it was a rat rather than a mouse. When we moved a few items it made a run for it (after scaring us half to death) and it was not small!!!!

Would a rat attack the chickens or are they just after the food?

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Eeugh, definitely a rat hole Gallina :?


My step brother has his own pest control business in London (very lucrative I believe :lol: ) and I've learnt some useful facts about rats! They dislocate their rib cages so that they can crawl through tiny spaces. This normally causes some internal bleeding which heals itself. And that is where the poison comes in - the bleeding doesn't stop on it's own and ratty is done for. So if you put down poison, make sure there are small holes for it to get through!!

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