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Crocs mammoth sizing query

What size mammoth did you get?  

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  1. 1. What size mammoth did you get?

    • My usual croc size
    • A size up from my usual
    • I'm still thinking about buying them!

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I hope this helps.

I am a 6 in Crocs & normal shoes, & I ordered a 6 & 7 in Mammoths.

The 7 were too big ,& the 6 too small.................so I returned both pairs.

The 7's actually felt small as my toe was being thrown to the end as they were too big (still with me?!),& the 6's just felt tight all over.


But,I got all worried that I hadn't given the 6's a proper chance,so I reordered them,wore them in for a day so the fluffy bit squishes down & they are now fine - in fact they are my MOST comfy pair :P


I am wearing them now,with my dressing gown & socks :wink:

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im normally a size 6 in other shoes.


Normal pink caymans I went up to a 7 because I have cornish pasty feet and they were tight to begin with.


I had mammoths for Christmas and had a 7 and they were a perfect fit - better than the caymans - not at all tight which suprised me as I had to wear the pink caymans in. :)

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I think now they've squished down they are loose = but then again all my shoes are starting to feel looose except the ones I wore today that I havn't worn for years becaue they were tight.


Damn blast and bother if this diet means I need new shoes, all those Crocs, Timberlands, DM's etc. I think I may cry!

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Ok, having tried a few pairs on I think I'll go for my normal croc size as they're maufactured in China and normal chicnese caymans are too big on me, (My navy caymans are Italian and the purple caymans Romanian), so I think that's the best bet! Think I maybe buying a pair of chocolate/light blue ones at the weekend!).


Thanks for the advice. :D

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My crocs mammoths are the same size as my caymens. When I first wore them I did think they were a little tight but after molding the furry liner after a days wear they were a perfect fit. I was very glad because my work collegue had bought them over from the USA and there was no way to return them...phew.

They've been great over the chilly weather keeping my tootsies nice and toastie :D

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