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Shiney Chez

Chicken supplier in Lincolnshire

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I have just bought an eglu from Ebay and now am wondering where on earth I get my chickens from to go in it?


Can anyone recommend a breeder/supplier in Lincolnshire and what sort of breeds would be the best to go for?


I don't know if this has any bearing but I have a 10year old son who will be helping look after them



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Hello and welcome to a fellow Lincolnshire member. I'm a bit far down the county to be able to recommend a breeder as I'm on the border with Cambridgeshire. Why not try emailing barbara@omlet.co.uk as she's got a list of breeders which she'll pass on if you let her know your nearest town or your postcode.


As for breeds, oh dear, the choice is overwhelming!! Best thing to do is to see what your nearest breeder has in stock as it's a shame if you've got your heart set on a certain breed only to find they don't stock them. Have a look and see what they have that tickles your fancy. Hybrids are great starter hens as they're hardy, friendly and great egg layers though.

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